Thursday, July 31, 2008

Slow and Carefree Summer ?

My resolution for the New Year was not to fill up the calender.(My husband laughed at me when I told him that. ) I swore off booking everyday with a play date or an event this summer. Past experience has proved that it doesn't make for a relaxing summer (though most of the time it's fun). We had success at the begining of the summer. Not so much now. We have so many things we would like to do before school starts in four weeks.Visit friends & family, go to the beach, head up North, visit a museum or just get stuff done around the house.( Last on my list)

We have spent many days of doing nothing this summer though. Shorty has been able to spend countless hours in pretend play with his best friend that lives next door. Our yards are such that we can watch the children play easily.

We took pictures of the boys backpacks hanging in the tree recently. We loved what it represented. Children that enjoy the outdoors. Running, riding, and jumping around instead of ; inside on the couch with a video game in their hands.


Tomorrow we go to The Castle in The Clouds. Hope there is no rain. Shorty was disappointed we didn't get their last week. I will post pictures of the estate and the nature trails that surround it.

Hope all are having a great summer!

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