Friday, August 1, 2008

Pictures from Castle in The Clouds

The name of the estate is Lucknow
Yeah, we finally made it to Castle In The Clouds. Here is the breath taken view from the front lawn. The estate covers 5,500 acres. Original the estate bordered on the edge of the lakes you see in the picture. Thomas Plant built the property in 1914. His niece introduced him to the lake region. He fell in love with the area and had this home built for his second wife Olive. He lost all his money in bad investments and the stock market crash of 1929. His creditors let him live out his life at the estate until his death in 1941. The house was turned over to them and Olive went to California to take care of her parents.

Beautiful views from every window. I've lived here my whole life and had never ventured up here before. There are over 40 miles of hiking trails. We stopped at the "Falls of Song" on the way up the winding two-mile road. Look at this huge bolder that was named "The Pebble"

Falls of Song

The home is made out of stone. He had employed over a thousand stone masons, mostly from Italy. Thomas Plant requested that each stone be cut into a pentagram to represent the 5 major World Powers at that time. You can tell, when he wasn't around the stone didn't always get cut right. It would take 1 mason 1 whole day to carve out 3 stones. A lot of work, but the craftsmanship is wonderful.

Almost every window had these beautiful hand painted glass
windows. Stone flower boxes lined the front lawn wall.
Library window over looking the lakes region. Shorty wanted to just look at all the books. He got out his magnifying glass to read some off the titles. You couldn't pick them up.
The Castle in the Clouds is managed by the Castle Preservation Society. They are working on the house and hope to have it fully restored by 2014 to celebrate the homes 100Th birthday. They are opening rooms as they finish them. They are trying to put it back to it's original state.
It was a great and informative day. Very interesting place. Shorty really enjoyed it as much as my mother and I did.
Have Fun!

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