Friday, July 25, 2008

Nature Walk

Today we headed up north to go to The Castle In the Clouds. We had a late start. We arrived there after many hours of detours, due to Tornado damage & car accidents on the highway. It was to late to venture out on all that The castle has to offer, so we are going to try it next week. Stay tuned.

However we did end up on some of the prettiest roads in New Hampshire. Route 25 through Ashland, Meredith, and Moultonborough. I will be going back up in the Fall to take pictures. The scenic roads are sprinkled with old historic homes dating back to the 17Th century. Stone walls, roving hills, and giant maple trees added the final touch to the picture perfect roads.

We ended up in Tamworth at Lake Chocora. The lake has been photographed thousands of times through out the years. Especially in the fall when the trees are at their peak. The Bluegrass band Nickle Creek filmed part of their video, The Light House Keeper, at the lake.

We ate our picnic lunch, Shorty swam, and my mother & I took in the great view while relaxing in our lawn chairs. After Shorty was done swimming we went for a nature walk on a trail that follows the lake. It wasn't very long, but we took our time and explored the environment around us. My mother had been on that trail about 50 years ago with her father. She said she was around shorties age. We saw many signs of wildlife. Scat from deer, feathered nest, and many insects. Shorty brought along his nature journal so he could record and draw what he saw. A Daddy Long Leg had tried to hitch a ride on my shoulder when we were heading back to our car. I'm glad I'm not scared of them. Though if it had been a snake my feet would not have seen the ground for a mile.

Even though the day didn't end up the way we had planned, it was fun. My son got to spend some quality time with his grandmother and mom.

I was able to get some pictures of my Art & Nature class I taught, from our wonderful children's Librarian. I want to thank her for letting me post them.

I'm looking froward to this fall's art classes with the children. I've even had a few mothers interested in taken my class.
Have a Great Night & Have Fun with Your Family!

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