Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mountain Biking in New Hampshire

Today was a day to head out to the woods and ride some dirt roads and single track. My husband and son's thoughts are, the muddier you get , the better. Shorty was very proud that his whole back side was splattered with it. We started out on a dirt road, then found some single track trails. Lots of hills to go down . Unfortunately, we had to go back up all those hills. It was all worth it though. Awesome trails!
We were at Pawtuckaway State Park. You can access this part of the park in Deerfield. It's off Route 107. Turn on to Reservation Road. The road is a dirt road that forks. Their is a sign at the fork that says the "fire tower" (pointing to the right).Take a right at the fork and find any place along the side to park. The road twist and turns many times. Sometimes you will come across low areas that are washed out after a heavy rain. Not a good road for really low cars, though over the last few years they have done a lot of road work to make it passable.

In this park you will find hiking trails, dirt roads, single track, streams, marshes, beautiful forest, and the Boulder Fields, they are a popular place for climbers to practice their climbing techniques. These giant boulders were left behind during the last Ice Age.

Things to bring when are mountain biking:

A back pack filled with the following items:

  • Water
  • First Aid Kit
  • Tube kit
  • Tools to repair bike
  • A energy snack
  • Camera
  • Extra Clothing

It's a good idea to ride with a buddy. If you do ride by yourself make sure you let someone know where you will be riding and when you plan to be back. You can bring your cell phone but don't re lie on it. I know most places we hike & bike there is no cell towers.

Grab the children and start riding. With gas prices going up, bike sales are going up to. If you are looking for a bike it is best to go to a bike shop. Your bike will be better fitted to you or your child. Quality is everything when it comes to a good ride. Expect to pay around $100 and up. A bad fitting bike will discourage anyone just starting out. The technician will adjust the bike for proper fit to you. Shop around and do the research first. I know some shops will do free maintenance on your bike if you buy your bike from them. You might get a better trade in if you deal with the same shop over a long time.


If your new to riding start out slow and easy. There are many trails in New Hampshire that are labeled easy. Check out NEMB ( New England Mountain Biking ). They have chapters all over New England. They hold events for all riding levels. The latest was at Bear Brook State Park They had family rides, advanced rides, and offered clinics for women riders.

The Olympics this year will be debuting BMX. My son has been doing this for a few years now. We have noticed an increase in the amount of riders. We have seen a 4 year old girl to a 63 year old man race. It's truly a family event. Everyone cheers and supports all the riders. Their is a track in most States. New Hampshire has Rye Air Field Skate Park in Rye and Whale Back in Enfield. Our track lets you have your first race free. After that you have to pay for a NBL licence. Then at each race, you can pay just for points or trophy/ points. About $12 to $15 a race.

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