Friday, July 11, 2008

Good morning!

Today I wanted to share an idea about entertaining from home. My mother was teaching me the art of entertaining when I was a little girl before it was hip to be a homemaker. With gas prices today who can afford to go anywhere. My mother has always taught me to make lemonade when you have a lemon situation. Maybe now families will spend more time together.
We would go along the sides of the road gathering wildflower to put in old crocks and glass vases. She would put them through the house and leave some for the picnic table. Everybody would bring food and there own drinks.
These days my family does this with our kith & Kin (Kith means friends). Check out how we arranged the plate to make s'mores. A favorite.

Make a fire pit in your backyard for free.

1-Dig a hole wide and deep enough to hold a few pieces of wood. The fire department said that you have to be able to step over it. So no huge circles.

2-Make sure that there is no grass on the outside of the circle. We put About 4 inches of stone around the fire pit

3-Gather rocks around your yard. Place them on the outside of the circle and on top of the stone gravel you put down.

4- Call your fire department and get a permit.VERY IMPORTANT. They will come out and inspect it. Each town and state is different so call ahead before you go and build it. It would be very disappointing to have to take it apart.

5-Gather your Kith & Kin, food & drink, and great conversation.
6-Don't forget the marshmallows.

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